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Re: Sony RX1 FF Mirrorless (fixed lens)

navyasw02 wrote:
I really dont understand the gripes about price for this camera. It\'s not a compact, micro 4/3, point and shoot, or even a Canon G series. It really is a professional grade street camera and looks, feels, and operates like a serious piece of gear. Maybe people dont want to pay that much for it because it doesn\'t say Canon or Nikon on the front. This camera is for people who know what they\'re doing, not parents who want to take pictures of their kids\' soccer games. This camera is for the FF shooter who wants to have that level of image quality in a portable package to carry every day or use for travel. I dont feel hindered at all by a fixed lens, in fact I rarely shoot outside 35mm anyway. This is the camera I\'ve been waiting for and I\'m not

The problem is the lens is kinda subpar (for mirrorless/rf): sharp only at center, distortion level is very pronounced: this is what samyang could easily do for $300-400. The body on the other hand is much simpler to assemble than DSLR plus it\'s parts are cheaper than DSLR.
Plus no tilt LCD option, no touch screen which makes using AF very inconvenient (your example proves this).
And it has RIDICULOUS price tag in Europe: 3000 euro. For what? It doesn\'t worth even it\'s US price.

Nov 17, 2012 at 08:04 AM

  Previous versions of Emacs's message #11123344 « Sony RX1 FF Mirrorless (Original 2012 thread) »