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Re: 6D -3 EV???

Pixel Perfect wrote:
mco_970 wrote:

Are there other advantages of 5D3 specifically with fast glass over 6D?? I guess being able to stop down and use outer points on 5D3 w/ good accuracy is the main one I can come up with. But the matte screen option in 6D seems equally appealing.

All 5D III AF point are rated to -2EV and 41 are x-type to f/4 and 21 to f/5.6. Also AF point coverage is massively better. Sound like a nice advantage over 6D unless you are working in low light, where 6D centre point will be super good, not that the 5D III is a slouch in low light.

Thanks Pixel. So I guess the -2 EV is also a benefit over 1DV (rated to -1 EV). I wish someone would do a 5D3 vs. 1D4 side AF point shoot out. Please let me know if you run across such a thing anywhere...

Nov 16, 2012 at 01:44 AM

  Previous versions of mco_970's message #11120516 « 6D -3 EV??? »