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FS: Interfit Super Cool-Lite 9 (2) lights

Item 1: Interfit Super Cool-Lite 9 quantity of 2

(2) Lights - both have 9 bulbs each.
(2) Softboxes 29 1/2"
Light stands not included
Work great
This is an Interfit Super Cool-lite 9 Two Fluorescent Light Kit with two Octobox softboxes, adapter rings
Interfit Pro-Range Octoboxes allow the creation of "wraparound" lighting effects. Their narrow profile is ideal for use where studio space is at a premium
It's is a cool-running, nine-bulb fluorescent flood light which uses 9 near daylight (5200k) balanced fluorescent lamps, equivalent to 1000 watts of tungsten lighting per head.
Each fixture provides a soft uniform diffused light
IncluDims Without Color Shift
Three-way control switch on rear panel allows "dimming" of the power output
ded 29 1/2" Octaboxes add additional softness
Ideal for Video
Noiseless operation and a cool output allows heat sensitive people and products to be photographed with ease.
Fluorescent Screw-In Bulbs
Each fixture includes nine 28W screw-in fluorescent bulbs that have a life expectancy of 6000-8000 hours
Made from heat resistant material that makes them suitable for fluorescent flash or halogen lighting
Sells for over $500 new
One spare bulb included
2 x 18.5" Reflectors also included
If intersted please PM zip code so I can figure shipping cost.
Payment accepted - PayPal gift or add 3%

Shoot me an offer!!!!

Price: $300.00
Payment method: PayPal
Item condition: 9

Nov 13, 2012 at 08:10 PM

  Previous versions of mes2424's message #11114396 « Sold: Interfit Super Cool-Lite 9 (2) lights »