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Re: OM-D Images

FlyPenFly wrote:
Juju, what is your post processing technique?

As little as possible. Shoot Raw, import to LR, where I use curves and graduation if needed and CA removal . Export tiff 18bit 300dpi to Cs6. In Cs6 I use darkroom techniques , such as burn and dodge, local levels ,curves and saturation. Saturation is where I think you can make the greatest changes. One colour alteration whether hue,vibrancy or saturation will and does alter every other colour and contrast. This is where colour balance can help as well. In fact it is possible to alter the luminance, and contrast as much as needed through the saturation layers, using individual colours. Then re-size the image which is most often re-sampled bicubic sharper. Resizing is done as said with re-sample ticked, 72dpi and then set in what pixel dimensions I want. I rarely sharpen images even though I have sharpening off in camera and noise reduction off. I never apply noise reduction. Resizing the image deals with the noise if there is any.
Having said all this each and every image is approached as a different image and what treatment suits one, rarely if ever suits another taken on a different day, or time of day or location. Only time I ever use presets are for images taken at the same time , in a set, from the original image. It is always starting point if I feel lazy. I don\'t use others presets, they dont seem to help at all in how I photograph.
Probably not everyone\'s way, but it is the only way at the moment I know through trial and error, as I fumble along.

Nov 12, 2012 at 04:12 PM

  Previous versions of juju1958's message #11111186 « OM-D & PEN Images »