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Which Flash - For Birds?

I believe I'm convinced. The flash is out then, particularly for birds. Much of the enjoyment I receive is watching and then photographing and/or video of their doing what they do naturally, and then sharing with others who cannot/ will not get out. I can't say that I have completely eliminated disrupting them (as in their flying or running off), but I have reduced it from an initial 3 out of 3 approaches to maybe 1 out of 3 now and am continuing to learn the indications of their discomfort. It is not an exact science for sure.

I may start a new thread, in the Nature and Wildlife section, on recognizing the indications that your close enough. I've had some smaller herons and egrets be okay with me sitting 20' to 30' away for 30 minutes while they fish, but 5' closer and they're out of there.

Do you think maybe I reached the limit with this fellow (see photo).

Thanks (both technical and ethical).

Nov 10, 2012 at 11:27 AM

  Previous versions of Sjjindra's message #11106131 « Which Flash - For Birds? »