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Best way to sell for multiple football games

Hello, I\'ll be shooting Multiple Young Childrens Football games tomm.
Minimum of 4-6 Games from 8AM-5PM.

My Co-Worker is a Coach and brought to my attention that they don\'t have a photographer.

They had one last year, and she charged $10 a cd of photos. She roughly made $3,000 cash
in one day. And only did it for one day.

While her photos were not very good, and she wasn\'t a professional she just happened
to be a parent taking photos and things went from there for her. For One day,

She won\'t be doing this and I find this to be a great oppertunity for me to make some money
and THEY came to me....

I shoot Canon 5D and I\'ll have a 400mm 4.5 - 5.6 so I know they will be happy.

My question is, With this large amount of people I need a good way to selling photoswithout
getting lost....

I have the Pro Smugmug account. So I have that to my advantage.

my website is www.periutphotography.com

They told me if I made a flyer, they would hand them out to parents.

My thinking was $15 for Unlimited Photo Downloads from my website if Cash Paid that day.
And $5 a photo download for those who don\'t pay which would be paid through smugmug.

I would distribute the Free Download Coupon Via Email for those who paid cash day of event.

As of right now it seems to be the easiest form of easily controling and taking care of this.

Unlimited High Resolution Download of your child Via Website $15 Cash. Or Maybe $20 Idk....

Single Downloads $5 per photo if not paid in cash today.

I have plenty of bussiness cards with proper info, website, email etc....
I\'ll have a Paper, so each person that pays cash will write down their email. I can send
each email a Discount Coupon giving them access to FREE Downloads from that album.

While those who didn\'t pay will have to pay.

Now of course I thought, Well one parent will pay and the rest will share,
But the coach ( my co worker ) said he thought so too, BUT that it was oppisite and tons and tons of parents just paid cash that day.

Honestly, If I made $800 I\'d be incredibly happy to the core. Hell, My two week Full Time pay check as a firefighter was $850.... Yeah....

I don\'t however have custom bussiness shirt to wear or anything. Wish I did....

Nov 09, 2012 at 06:56 PM

  Previous versions of JPJ2007's message #11104551 « Best way to sell for multiple football games »