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Conrad Tan
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I'm bored (25)

Whats a guy to do in all this bad weather? Process recycle bin photos! Haha! I apologize for the poor IQ in some of these. I\'m running out of material to process

1. Now this first shot is my rendition of Lodi CA imitating Bosque del Apache. Shot about a week ago, unfortunately my damn camera was in JPG mode, with no High NR set, so the final image (shot in almost no light) suffered a whole lot in IQ. I just LOVED the pose so much I thought oh hell, post it anyway

2. This one WAS from Bosque. Much better

3. A missed dive from a visit with Tim Foltz last year!

4. A cardinal I got in Phoenix sometime ago. Damn branches!

5. An Oak Titmouse

6. Oregon Junco

7. White Crowned Sparrow

8. Lesser Goldfinch

9. Ruddy Duck

10. House Wren

11. California Towhee

12. Marsh Wren

13. Wilson\'s Warbler

14. Not the best image, but my ONLY image of a 1st year Vermillion Flycatcher

15. Downy Woodpecker

16. Long Eared Owl with an eye defect

17. Western Bluebird

18. Loggerhead Shrike

19. Black Crowned Night Heron

20. Female Ringneck Duck

21. The male Ringneck Duck

22. Northern Flicker

23. Eared Grebes

A couple of landscapes to finish it off!
24. Rodeo Beach, Sausalito, Marin County

25. Point Arena Lighthouse near Fort Bragg way up in Northern California

Nov 09, 2012 at 05:12 AM

  Previous versions of Conrad Tan's message #11103344 « I'm bored (25) »