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Sony NEX 6 - with Leica M wides

Bit the bullet and bought a Sony NEX 6 to use with Leica M glass.

I am using it with 21 SEM, 35 Lux FLE (and 50 Lux ASPH and 90 AA).

Wanted to report there is no smearing or colour shift issues with these lenses. I know Sony tinkered with the sensor for optimising the AF, so there was a doubt in relation to how this may perform with wides compared with NEX 5N. Can\'t comment on how this performs with other wides thought.

I am blown away by the camera. I have the 5D II , plus Zeiss glass and am considering downsizing. Initially I was very dissappointed with the images using the Sony software, the images looked very soft. I am used to Canon\'s DPP software which is much better in comparison. I am using LR4 now and am impressed.

The camera is great. It feels and operates really nicely. The build quality is great. Unlike the NEX 7, it features a lot of rubber and speccled paint. Feels very much like my 5DII build wise.

This is my first NEX camera, and I\'m just really impressed with the it. The EVF is awesome, the menu, and camera layout is straight forward.

The eyecup is close to the flash mount and it can get a bit crammed when mounting an external flash.

Here are some test shots, these are processed witht the Sony software. Most are in very harsh midday sunlight, will post more shots when I get a chance. Thanks.

SEM 21

35 FLE:

Nov 08, 2012 at 12:17 AM

  Previous versions of SKumar25's message #11100108 « Sony NEX 6 - with Leica M wides »