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Re: my first football shoot...


Welcome to the FM sports boards. The D3 school I shoot (East Texas Baptist University) for hosted Wisconsin-Lacrosse back in 2009. It was my last game using a 30D before I got my 7D. Time flies.

Sports shooting can be one of the most stressful but rewarding types of shooting. Nothing gives me a rush more than being on the sidelines and capturing a killer image. Granted... a \"Killer\" image is hard to get. I often leave after shooting a 800 or 900 frames feeling like I only captured \'ok\' shots.

Listen and learn here. If you\'re really interested in developing as a sports photographer, listen to the guys here. There\'s many years of wisdom between them. I\'ve only been shooting sports for 5 years, and only 2 of those have been on a serious level. Theres guys here who have been cranking out great images since film (and possibly MF) days.

The most common thing you\'ll hear us say to any new guy:

1) try to capture the eyes and ball
2) crop tight
3) watch horizons
4) don\'t be afraid to crop to a non-traditional print size [this one is hard for me]

As far as equipment goes:
1) shoot wide open (at f/2.8 in your case)
2) Shoot with as high of a SS as you can. (1/800 is minimally accepted to reduce motion blur, anything over 1/1600 is preferred)
3) don\'t be afraid to crank up the ISO if you need to (especially at night)

Also, your lens is the perfect starting focal length and speed (70-200/2.8), but its the Tamron version. I don\'t have personal experience with it, but I\'ve heard that its a slower focusing lens. I don\'t know what to tell you to help that out, just be aware of it (other posters).

Here\'s a few from the 2009 matchup. ETBU won 33-20, and our then QB, Sed Harris, broke a school record for longest rushing play, first with a 95 yard run...then he broke it again with a 98 yard run. He ended with a 261-yard rushing performance on the day. That guy was fast

IMG_8619 by Jeff Stapleton Sports, on Flickr

IMG_8321 by Jeff Stapleton Sports, on Flickr

IMG_8247 by Jeff Stapleton Sports, on Flickr

Nov 07, 2012 at 04:14 PM

  Previous versions of Jeff_Stapleton's message #11099041 « my first football shoot... »