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Re: 24-70L II: verdict?

The 24-70 is a great lens. It's definitely better in sharpness all over the image field compared to it's predecessor. The mkII to the 24-70L is what the 70-200/2.8ISL mk II is to it's predecessor, but.... The original 70-200L IS was already a great lens with a wow factor imo, while the 24-70L was a great allround workhouse lens, but with no wow factor. This exactly the same for the mkII lenses. The 70-200/2.8L IS mk II is still a lens with a wow factor. The 24-70L mk II is still just a great allround workhorse lens. The two make a great combo because their colour characteristics is very well in line, coherent tonal response. If that is important to you the 24-70L mk II maybe a great lens. Wether the lens is worth the EOSfun to you, is another question. I find the mkII a large amount of money and didn't upgrade for that reason and kept the 24-70L, which is still a great allrounder even though it's sometimes not up to the task in certain shooting conditions. I have several primes to cover those conditions and decided they can save me. Both for the shooting conditions and upgraditis

Nov 04, 2012 at 05:52 PM

  Previous versions of eosfun's message #11091194 « 24-70L II: verdict? »