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Scott Kroeker
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Metal Die Experiment

You will normally see me in the landscape forum but with weather and other factors keeping me grounded and getting anxious to pick up the camera I decided to experiment with this metal die I made in high school. It is about 3in in size and made of flat iron, brass and lead. Before sealing it I filled the inside with melted lead from old tire weights. This die is very heavy. I used a computerized milling machine to engrave the sizes with Roman numerals and then filled them with brass. The iron sides will rust if not cleaned regularly as you can see. Using 2 strobes, a mirror and coloured filters I spent a couple hours experimenting with different settings, lighting angles etc. until I got something I liked. The die is sitting on top of my wood stove with the screen for the front of the wood stove sitting behind it. One strobe is firing from behind the screen and above the die with a red filter and another strobe about 6ft high from top left of the die with a green filter. I also had a mirror to the right of the die to add some fill light. Here is that result!

40D, 165mm, F/8, ISO200.

Oct 30, 2012 at 05:18 AM

  Previous versions of Scott Kroeker's message #11078547 « Metal Die Experiment »