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Crossroads of America

Thanks guys.

The breakdown on entries:

200+ Entries
38 Juried For Exhibit (34 Digital, 4 Film)

It was interesting that the judge awarded all four monetary awards (Best Of Show, 1, 2, 3) to film entries.

Always the bridesmaid ... never the bride.

Saw some really nice pieces, several that I thought deserved recognition more so than mine ... judges, go figure.

But ... the OMG of the night was the opening of a world class \"Contemporary Glass\" exhibit ... blew me away. Stunning work from around the world, including some from the Met in NY, Europe and Japan. Only about 25-30 pieces ... but WOW, the excellence of workmanship in the glass made me feel I need to \"up my game\" to another level. Not sure what that\'ll become ... but it at least caused a \"spark\". Very, very humbling, btw.

Funny ... seeing the AA exhibit inspired me to garner a better understanding of AA and his work. Seeing this glass makes me want to raise the (personal) bar even more. I can only imagine the hours, days, weeks & months that went into some of this glass ... amazing stuff, that pics can\'t do justice to the scintillation, color, shape and dimension. Not just \"pretty\", but masterfully crafted to draw you in and keep you there ... as we say around here at times \"much goodness\"

If you\'re in the area ... exhibit runs till January 6, 2013 and is in concert with 50th anniversary of studio glass movement that began in the 1960\'s. Also, a wire art exhibit that includes 2D images made from 3D sculpture line art (yeah, like that makes any sense to say) ... more \"goodness\" to partake.

Oct 28, 2012 at 04:15 AM

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