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Re: Canon 5D Mark III upcoming firmware update in April!

Monito wrote:
skibum5 wrote: Yeah, but come on, they have it already done for the 1DX. Look at how much code there is in the 5D3 or whatnot, look at how fast they fixed the 5D2 black sensor dots, etc. If it takes six months to copy over the 1DX f/8 to the 5D3 there is no remote way they could have yet had time to have even finished the very first firmware for the D30 yet.

The 1D-X code took months since people started requesting the change, and for all we know, Canon may have been working on it before the requests.

If you think that code can be just copied over from one camera to another, you don\'t understand software and software testing. The cameras have different computer architectures because one uses dual Digic5+ processors and the other uses just a single one. That means that code is separated (during operation) in the former and intertwined in the latter.

Undoubtedly, the Canon coding and testing teams could drop everything (next generations of multiple DSLRs and lenses and software) and put all hands on deck to ram through a quicky patch, but ...

Given the Internet Amplification Effect so vociferously exemplified by this forum where people spin out reams of verbiage over the slightest defect (real or imagined, consequential or not), Canon would be foolish to do a rush job on the 5D3 code.

But in the end, it doesn\'t matter. Canon is going to make the update when it wants to, whether it takes two months to integrate and fully test the code or four months. It does listen, but it has bigger fish to fry than satisfying all of FM\'s squeaky wheels, who are alternately calling products & updates shoddy rush jobs or grossly delayed, without any middle ground.

Supposedly most of the code for AF runs on the same dedicated AF chip on both and look at Magic Lantern, a single guy has ported a ton over to the 7D, all by himself, in a few weeks, sure it\'s not as well tested. etc. etc. but....

And ML, mostly by one guy, already has dozens of new features and the guy had no documentation or resources or anything.

Anyway I want to praise Canon for adding f/8 but the timing sure smells a bit of marketing to me, but whatever, the main point is they are going to do it and that is good.

Oct 23, 2012 at 07:47 PM

  Previous versions of skibum5's message #11063331 « Canon 5D Mark III firmware update in April 30th 2013! »