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Re: Downsizing exercise.

Yeah, the reductions were kinda small, but I tried to represent a significant reduction even though it isn\'t nearly as much as going from 21MP to under 600kb

The main thing I see from the bicubic sharper vs. the smoother + sharpening is that the sharper blocks up more going with sharper only.

I think I\'ve got a Frasier and/or Schew book on sharpening as well. The thing to recognize at formulaic sharpening that you might appreciate is the precision / tolerance aspect of things.

Telling that carpenter to shave .003 off of a three foot long board isn\'t the same as saying take off .003 from an internal piston in a transmission. In one instance, the .003 is meaningless, in the other one it is disastrous. Sharpening a 21MP file is quite different from sharpening a file that has been reduced to less than 1MB. When I sharpen larger files, I\'m typically more around 280-420, .7, 4-12, then when I\'m sharpening smaller/reduced files, I might be closer to 80-130, .3, 2-6. in the final round.

Oct 21, 2012 at 11:34 PM

  Previous versions of RustyBug's message #11058816 « Downsizing exercise. »