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ben egbert
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Re: Downsizing exercise.

AuntiPode wrote:
I\'m a bit confused about your sharpening methods, but have you tried readying the image at final size and then making selections, each on a layer, and applying amount and radius appropriate for each selection. If you make the layers smart objects you can switch back and forth from layer to layer and tweak the sharpen sliders to optimally tweak the sharpness of the different selections.

My workflow shows my process in detail. Basically I am done sharpening when I am in ACR and before sending to photoshop.

Now I have been sharpening for 10 years and only recently converted to this up front method. I would probably not use that for birds. But for ISO100 landscapes with good focus and sharp lenses, the ACR settings along with Clarity 20 seems sufficient. Topaz Pop adds a bit more and is done with a mask and is usually faded. My 100% crop shows the result, do you think it needs more or less? So long as I have sharp edges and no halos I feel that it is good.

The question here is for downsizing and my process is a work in progress. As I have said, I am not likely to do much selective work after downsizing. The image is too small form my vision and if you blow it up, it is so grainy as to be of little value.

If you have suggestions for that, I would like to hear. The idea of a web only work flow may have some value. Maybe I could do the selective stuff before downsizing and do it differently than for my non web stuff.

I am very happy with me present non web work flow which is driving primarily toward prints. My web process shown here is a work in progress. So far I see no difference between mine and Kents which might just mean poor vision on my part.

Oct 21, 2012 at 11:32 PM

  Previous versions of ben egbert's message #11058812 « Downsizing exercise. »