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Re: Downsizing exercise.

That\'s mostly why I just work off of my small jpg (3MP) for web stuff as a draft. Then if I really like where I\'ve taken it, I\'ll work the RAW. OR, I\'ll work the RAW and not sweat the small web file we post up here cramming my detail together.

Sharpening is a highly \"relative\" thing, so where you start from, i.e. 21MP to get to around .5MB requires a certain degree of recognition to \"engineering constraints\".

After all, if you\'re detail is 4 pixels wide and you squeeze 6 pixels into 1, well kinda tough to save/retain detail within the 4 pixels ... just something that comes with the territory, imo ... with you knowing in your mind that your detail is safe in your real file. With \"that much\" compression, I mostly accept certain aspects. I\'d suggest using an \"inset\" to show the detail if it is really critical detail that would warrant a 100% view.

I suppose that is in part why I choose smoother when I downsize, then resharpen after sizing (as needed). Once the pixels have been crammed together, it gets tough to separate them again. My thinking is that the smoothing and cramming kinda offset each other before too much damage occurs ... even if it does require a revisit to sharpening after resizing. I never quite understood why the parenthetical suggestion when choosing bicubic versions is the other way around. BTW, I think the \"automatic\" will go ahead and sharpen it when you downsize anyway (adding to crunchies @ times). It\'s not really a \"neutral\" no sharpen/no smoothing option, iirc.

Here\'s my stab @ the crop ... followed by one sharper, one smoother @ 25% reductions ... noting that I did NOT resharpen the smoother after reduction until the fourth image.

While it might seem like much, I prefer being able to determine how much or how little sharpening to image has, rather than feeling captive to the sizing algorithm, so I typically go smoother / resharpen. That being said, if I\'m doing \"production work\" in LR, then I get one or two dialed in allowing for \"sharpen for screen\" and follow the rest to a similar level, but that of course is likely a different animal than what we are talking about here.

Oct 21, 2012 at 09:12 PM

  Previous versions of RustyBug's message #11058486 « Downsizing exercise. »