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Re: Abusive Posts "Red Flag"?

It seems to me that in addition to the (few) disrespectful posts from FM newbies there are an increasingly number of the same coming from outside the U.S., as linked in the case here. Maybe those posters aren\'t concerned with the consequences. There are trolls all over the internet. It would be hard to monitor all their activity unless there was sufficient staff to do so.

I am not sure that the three strike suggestion is really meaningful to those posters. That just gives those people two more opportunities to troll. If someone joins FM for the sole purpose to be an wise guy on day one, more warnings will most likely not change the behavior. For me, it would be one and done. The +5 feedback seems to punish the majority for the sake of the few butt heads who have nothing to lose. IMO we all can report the problem but only one official (Fred) should throw the red flag, or more appropriately, the switch.

Oct 20, 2012 at 02:56 PM

  Previous versions of borderlight's message #11055488 « Abusive Posts "Red Flag"? »