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Bob Jarman
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Re: The door and window problem

ben egbert wrote:
Bob Jarman wrote:
ben egbert wrote:
Good question. But I have determined that I can no longer show images I care about so I am trying to find stuff that does not matter. I need a photo outlet and forum participation. I suspect others have reached the same conclusion because I see a lot of this sort of image.

Here is a little essay I wrote about it.


So are you suggesting simply because you see \"a lot of this sort of image\" others who post images such as this are of the same opinion - simply posting \"stuff that does not matter\" for entertaining one\'s self? I doubt that is the case.

I think you miss the point of my suggested self-assignment. Speaking for myself, I am here and participate to learn, and perhaps contribute to others doing the same. I thought you were of a like mind, perhaps not, and that is unfortunate.


I lack the interpersonal skill required for people photography so I only do family stuff which I don\'t show on line.

My wife says I have the manners of a goat and tact of a rhinoceros - don\'t fell like you are the Lone Ranger

This leaves a very large arena about which I have no connection. I don\'t know what I don\'t know..

But I have ruled out showing for presentation and that leaves me to undertake assignment work and you are the inspiration for it. But I have a different motive than you.

But I see no personal growth here for me. It will just be a way to participate in the forum.

An awful lot of photography is assignment work. I may even find non landscape subjects out there that I can connect to. I actually did the other night, an older cottage type home with a white picket fence lined with roses.

I am not so certain here as I am with landscapes so there is room to grow. But probably not with old doors unless it has the Grand Tetons behind it.

Give it a shot - don\'t sell yourself short

And, don\'t be so quick to toss aside other\'s posts as \"stuff that does not matter\" just because it does not appeal to you - you are doing both the poster and yourself an injustice.


Oct 17, 2012 at 06:22 PM

  Previous versions of Bob Jarman's message #11048568 « The door and window problem »