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Re: Please suggest LCD (and Q's on colour mgmt)


yes adobe RGB for me ( the colour space is larger) so take advantage of that for your home prints.. but if you are shooting raw then you can worry about that later and change for output.. hopefully you are shooting raw...
Dont forget to convert to sRGB for web display otherwise the colours will be off. Many outputs such as the lower end print services ( but also blurb books) only want sRGB files so make sure you use the correct colour space when its required

I use my epsom 3880 for my prints A2 and smaller and it produces really beautiful prints, all my clients remark on the quality of the prints. Of course if you are printing high volume then you need to think about another printer. if I\'m doing an exhibition, then it does take a long time to get the prints done.. but usually Im doing one offs so the 3880 suits me fine.
so its a volume issue that should make you consider the choices, there is no question about the quality of the 3880 for me..

I have only just posted here ( look up \'is it worth the hassle\') on making your own custom colour profiles for each paper that you use... yes it is worth the hassle.. the prints in the majority of cases are sooo much better. Once you have gone to the trouble of having a good calibated monitor (lots of calibrating systems to chose from but i use the eye -one) to make processing choices about your image.. then you have to think about production of the print ..so that the image that you have processed is printed accurately . this is achieved using bespoke colour profiles for your home printer .. each profile prepared for the individual papers that you use.

I use Permajet to scan my \'patch\' prints and make the profiles.. but you could go the whole hog and do it all yourself but that is more time and money that is unnecessary in my opinion as permajet give me a very good service for free.

Hope this is of some help


Oct 13, 2012 at 09:49 AM

  Previous versions of JaneG's message #11037490 « Please suggest LCD (and Q's on colour mgmt) »