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Re: FD to EF Conversion now made easier.

I\'ve got a couple EDMika FD Eos adapters.

Marty I see you are quiet now since early in this kick starter sales pitch thread.

How are you able to patent something that Ed already offers for sale ?

I\'ve noticed its popular thesedays to ignore the hard work of others, reminds me of that Wimberley Gimbal bootleg product thread here a few months back.

Sad times when people who put their efforts into making cool items that are then easily copied & in this case \"patent applied\" for.

I refuse to facebook, what\'s the \"complain button\" on bottom of this kickstarter page used for ?

Can Marty chime in on buying Ed\'s earlier adapter and how this purchase from Ed influenced his kickstarter project and the patent he mentioned in his sales pitch for funds he\'s applied for ??

I\'ve bought alot of adapters for Canon. My best 2 are both Canon made FD Eos 1.26x and FD Eos Macro Adapter. Canon made them in the early years of EOS vintage 1990-1993.

I always thought Canon Japan owns the FD and Eos system mounts.

My only advice to Ed is pay Fred\'s site $25 for a year of buy/selling subscription & then in my eyes you\'re 110% right to talk about this issue instead of just being 99%

MartyCastilla wrote:
I\'m finally able to use my FD collection on 5DMK2.

After a lot of frustration with the aftermarket adapters and the limitations that come with them, I set out to fix this. The work started a few years ago in my spare time and with very limited funds, but I\'ve finally finished my conversion kits. My favorite FDn lens are no longer collecting dust, especially the few FDn L series I have.

I\'m finding that I\'m using the my FDn 50mm 1.2 and 24mm 1.4 L more frequently then I would have thought. Call me old fashion buy I love using my MF lens over the my AF.

Several people have expressed interest in my work once I\'ve finished. So I\'m posting this to share. To help make these conversion kits available to more people I\'ve started a project on Kickstarter.com.

FD to EF Conversion Kits

Oct 11, 2012 at 12:20 AM

  Previous versions of Mr.Lindy's message #11031750 « FD to EF Conversion now made easier. »