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Got another Einstein, the good the bad the ugly.

So I broke down and bought another Einstein strobe. Had several of these before and decided to sell all and rent Profoto for a while for many reasons. As it turns out, it\'s better to have one Einstein laying around for smaller gigs instead of forking over a hundred bucks for a rental for those small gigs. It\'s been nice having the strobe and the lithium Vagabond is nice although at full power the recycle is loooong. But it\'s more than solid enough for small gigs and the bigger stuff I\'ll still rent Profoto. However, I really wish there was a viable option to remote control the output of the strobes, since the main purpose of me getting these is for small gigs that are sometimes small enough for me to not have an assistant. Buff\'s radio slave system for this is horrible (personal experience) and not set worthy. Although I like plug and play for my sets because I like to concentrate on photographing. There\'s the Pocketwizard version but it\'s maxed out to 3 strobes and 6 stops of power adjustment. No thanks. Any other options I\'m not seeing?

I bought several light mods and I don\'t know if it\'s just the fact that I\'ve been using Profoto w/ Chimera but a few have left me shaking my head and a few are very nice. First the good, I got a medium sized PLM, soft silver interior with diffusion and I have to say, this is a fantastic mod that I will definitely be getting the large and small size in the future. Just a stellar light mod with an odd mount that makes me a bit nervous (we are talking Paul Buff so this is the norm ;-). I\'m using the speed ring attachment and it just mounts to the umbrella with a single screw. That\'s a heck of a lot of fulcrum power landing on that one little screw.

I got a 35\" folding octobox with fabric grid which I ended up mounting once and just sold it last night. Not a light mod for me. First, it\'s very heavy and bulky when broken down, and it\'s makes the strobe top heavy enough when in use to make me nervous. Definitely unlike my Chimeras which fold down to almost nothing and weigh very little when up top a light stand. Second, the fabric grid for the octobox, which is advertised as 40 degree, is basically worthless. I\'d say it\'s more like 120 degree spread and doesn\'t give any form of control. The grid has just too wide of squares and the way it mounts onto the octobox is time consuming. Too bad because it\'s actually a well built unit.

The next thing is the 7\" reflector with grids. I don\'t know why I don\'t remember it being this way, but the light output from the 7\" reflector is bad. Really bad. I was shooting a wide shot of a model in a window and wanted to add some drama to the scene with a 30 degree splash of light on the model\'s face. It ended up the light quality from the reflector was all over the place, almost looking like a kukaloris was in front of the strobe. Is there anything that can be done to the reflector to help the light quality? Or is it the reflective metal behind the strobe\'s bulb that\'s causing this to happen? I guess I can just put some diffusion between the two.... I\'d love to hear thoughts on this.

To combat the reflector\'s bad light, I think I\'m going to just use an xx small softbox with fabric grids (which I don\'t really want to do for cost reasons). Will also look at Chimera/Photoflex Octa\'s to go along with my Chimera Super Pros but dang it\'s $$$ with a grid.

Oct 10, 2012 at 04:03 PM

  Previous versions of cineski's message #11030572 « Got another Einstein, the good the bad the ugly. »