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Re: Really Right Stuff Tripods

Gitzo was the original innovator and have their methodology.
in the case of RRS they do add quite a bit to the \"top of this\".
all the alloy parts are machined from billet stock
they are higher tolerance in manufacturing (limited manufacturing vs mass to maintain the quality)
higher quality CF in combination with the alloy parts make a superior balance between weight and rigidity.

i don\'t diss the asian brands. the ones that are junk do it to themselves. for the most part the Korean builders (Markins and such) are small and high in precision. and Taiwan too. China on the other hand tends to try to flood markets at every point but its all based on price and compromise. there are so many names and concentrators (more marketing then manufacturing. change a fitting here a color there and you have yet another branding. same stuff different name). Benro is the big dog overall and has a tripod for every price point and every part of the world (yeah, and the parts don\'t mix either). their pricing is trending higher too.

RRS/Gitzo will never be able to compete in price and nor will they try. where they exceed is in innovation and quality and producing what they consider their best work. this is not the highest margin lowest common denominator product.

in the end its the choice of the individual consumer.

Oct 08, 2012 at 12:06 PM

  Previous versions of sjms's message #11024550 « Really Right Stuff Tripods »