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Scott Kroeker
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Beauty in Chaos

Tuesday through Friday, where I live, we got hammered with a massive freak winter storm. Over 2 feet of snow in places, large drifts and strong winds. Millions of downed trees from the heavy snow. Too brittle from long hot and dry weather. I have over 30 down on my property alone and I couldn\'t drive out due to too much snow, a power line hanging 3ft across my driveway and many downed trees. My power was out for 3 days and some people still do not have power. Hydro crews are working frantically to get things restored but it is a HUGE undertaking considering hundreds of poles are down and almost all the wires between every pole are down or sagging due to fallen trees. At least my land line was working and have a wood stove to keep the house warm. No cell service where I live either. Now that I have had a couple of times to drive around to see some of the damage I am quite shocked! It looks like thousands of tornadoes ripped through the whole area. I cant describe how widespread the damage is and how many years this will create problems when trees that didn\'t fall will fall at a later date. I\'d say around 50-70% of the trees are down or split but not yet fallen. I am pretty sure the next big winter storm will cause many more to fall and more power outages. It will take years to clean up the trees all around.

Thursday morning when I woke up to the sound of my UPS power backup beeping after I lost power I quickly realized I needed to get out here. Frantically I packed up my external hard drives, grabbed a guitar and my dog and loaded up the car. I was just about ready to leave when 2 large trees snapped and blocked my driveway. Sounds of the trees snapping in the around my yard as I raced to unload the car back in to the house. The sound is simply indescribable! If you were to be under one of these trees when it snapped and came down you would surely be killed. Many homes, cottages and structures got damaged. It will take me a few weeks to clean my yard and will never look the same!!

This photo is of my driveway taken on day 2 of the storm when I decided to take a walk with the camera.

Oct 08, 2012 at 02:52 AM

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