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Re: $9,000 Canon 1S Coming Soon?

cineski wrote:
From a lot of what I\'m hearing from Nikon shooter friends and reading on forums, the D800 leaves a bit to be desired as a functioning camera (albeit with a stellar sensor). The rumored camera, should the rumors be true, would be firmly aimed at the highest end shooters who already shoot medium format. The advantages of a larger sensor aside, $9000 for a really really good full frame 35mm ultra high megapixel camera would be great for those mfd shooters and will hopefully impact medium format enough to start bringing down those insane prices. A lot of those people are already starting to shoot with 5D2\'s and 5D3\'s as photo budgets are drying up.

retrofocus wrote:
You cannot replace a medium format camera with a 35 mm FF sensor camera. Resolution-wise it is similar compared to a high MP FF sensor, but field of view and composition are still two different pair of shoes.

You can indeed replace MF with 35 mm for the things you mention. You can get exactly the same FOV, composition, perspective and DOF (except some very rare MF lenses) with 35 mm as with MF.

Oct 07, 2012 at 05:37 PM

  Previous versions of alundeb's message #11022691 « $9,000 Canon 1S Coming Soon? »