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Re: Advice needed on photo theft.

You could send an invoice to them, but remember, they are under no contractual obligation to pay you. I\'d be interested to hear what success people have had in sending unsolicited invoices to companies that infringe on copyrights. Micky Bill predicts that this method has a 98% success rate, but I\'m not so sure.

You could hire a lawyer to take legal action against the company for copyright infringement or DCMA violation (I would stay away from using words like \"theft\" since no physical object has actually been taken away from your possession), but speculating damages is going to be rather difficult as the poster was used for promotional value and was not, itself, being sold. In addition, you will probably be responsible for significant legal fees related to your action unless you settle (in which case, attorneys fees would still eat up a significant chunk of your settlement), not to mention a significant time investment. So it\'s important to weigh what you can do against what you should do or what is in your best interest to do.

As I understand it, the HoB apologized and then stopped using your photo. What else are you looking for? What is the estimated amount of monetary compensation you would seek?

Oct 03, 2012 at 06:16 PM

  Previous versions of mdude85's message #11013469 « Advice needed on photo theft. »