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ISO or Shutter Speed?

Hi guys. I dont post that often, but I just picked up a 7D this past week and was looking forward to putting it to good use last night at my sons homecoming game. Wouldnt you know it poored the first half and I just trust the sealing that much. Then, on top of that, my son tore his mcl on the first play of the game. Talk about taking the wind out of your sails. Anyway, I totally lost desire to shoot the game and since I just do it for my enjoyment and others, just didnt put much effort into it. That said, I do have a question. In the shot Im including here, its done at F4, iso 6400 and at a 500 shutter speed. I could bump up the iso a bit more, but Im not sure its worth it for the noise I would pick up. Just wondering where you guys lean on it. I have a 70-200 2.8 and a 300 F4. I didnt pull out the 300 last nite, just stuck an extender on the 200 just to see how F4 would work. I guess Im happy, and others have it much worse then I with lighting...but again, just wanting to get other thoughts. Sorry for the long post.

Sep 29, 2012 at 09:36 PM

  Previous versions of hcm228's message #11003477 « ISO or Shutter Speed? »