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Re: Laptop for PS and LR

A desktop is certainly cheaper, faster, and more upgradable than a laptop. However it obviously lacks portability. I just built a new desktop machine last week myself. I use to edit on a laptop, but decided I never edited pictures when I traveled with it. I always edited pictures back at home. So I decided a desktop would suit me better for editing and I can still take my older laptop or tablet on trips to check email, surf the web etc which is all I need when traveling.

I just built a dual boot OSX Mountain Lion and Windows 7 machine. i7-3770k Ivy Bridge processor, Gigabyte GA-Z77X-UP5 TH motherboard, 16gb ram, 2 120gb SSD drives (one for each OS), CPU Cooler, Corsair 650w power supply, and a nice Corsair 500r case for $1100. I was a little lucky that I have hard drives that I could put into the machine already and a valid copy of Windows 7. So my cost might have been a little lower than normal.

I\'m using the Ivy Bridge\'s HD-4000 internal graphics processor since I am only trying to drive one 24\" widescreen. It has plenty of horse power since I\'m not trying to game on this machine. All the OSX benchmarks come out to about 24 frames per second on tests with it, which is plenty for my needs.

Sep 13, 2012 at 09:13 PM

  Previous versions of sic0048's message #10959870 « Laptop for PS and LR »