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Re: Zeiss Contax 28mm 2.8 Distagon

mirkoc wrote:
Having Yashica ML 28/2.8, Zuiko 28/3.5 and EF17-40 that I all find very nice (primes are better in extreme corners), is there a reason to get the distagon?

IMO the Distagon has 4 strengths:

- drawing style
- color rendering
- great central sharpness WO and at f/8 it\'s really sharp out to the extreme corners with a nice micro contrast (at least on my 5D)
- price

It\'s not the sharpest lens out there, but for a lens with such a nice character and performance I don\'t think you can get anything better without paying several times more (think Elmarit v2). Whether you agree with this depends on how much you appreciate the first two points. If you don\'t care much about the \"Zeiss look\", there are cheaper lenses that are about as sharp.

This is a well praised lens. Is it really spectacular as the say? Does it put a smile to your face every time you use it? Is it a lens you can\'t imagine to sell?

Spectacular is a big word, but I\'m almost always happy with the results I get from it. I wouldn\'t sell it unless I got something that is clearly better because I haven\'t had to invest much to buy it in the first place (~220 euros).
I don\'t know how the Yashica ML performs, but if I were in your situation I\'d probably sell it and the Zuiko and enjoy the Zeiss (I have owned the Zuiko but sold it).

Two samples taken wide open:

Sep 12, 2012 at 01:41 PM

  Previous versions of AhamB's message #10955199 « Zeiss Contax 28mm 2.8 Distagon »