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I was walking through a parking garage today, noticed the nice shadow lines being formed by these cables and thought it mike be a good fit for this week\'s assignment. One of the nice things about getting a G1X recently is that I nearly always have it with me so I have more opportunity for situations like this.

I initially planned to do nearly a complete silhouette on this, but then decided to add back in a little tone. I found the trees to the right a little distracting, so if I have time tomorrow, I may go back to the same garage but one floor up (and with the 5D) to try this again.

As an added bonus to the Geometric theme, I noticed that after darkening the shadows, a triangle was formed by the pillar, roof and their shadows. I\"ll try not to cut the top of the triangle off if I re-take this now that I know it\'s there .

Sep 11, 2012 at 04:50 AM

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