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Re: are tripods overrated?

This is why I no longer subscribe to photo magazines, the information was subjective at best, or just plain wrong.

The idea that creativity is relevant to format size is an absurd thought.

As for the tripod being overrated. No way. I shot in the gorge this last week, 4-6 second exposures where the norm. I shot on the beach the week before and my exposures were about 1-2 seconds. You can\'t handhold that. I\'ve tried and it\'s a blurry mess, even when you think you are holding it steady.

As for the tripod use limiting creativity and shot angles, I call bull again, I can get my tripod into just about any position I want with little effort, this is actually why I prefer tripods with the lateral arms, they provide a lot of freedom. I will also always walk around and find my composition hand holding first and then pull out the tripod. I\'ve never felt \"limited\" by my use of a tripod.

Basically I would rather be safe than sorry, I would hate to capture a magical moment, then get home and realize the picture isn\'t as good as it could have been because I didn\'t use a tripod.

Sep 10, 2012 at 03:57 PM

  Previous versions of andyjaggy82's message #10949597 « are tripods overrated? »