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Help With Pricing Ideas on Event Photography of Conferences.

I am a semi-professional photographer and relatively new to the field.

My main gig is to provide event photography for a major international musical organization at their annual International Conference. This conference usually last 4 days and is chalked full of events and concerts. It is a huge undertaking to document it all well photographically.

We typically publish 1 or 2 photos from each event online for anyone to see. This is good PR for the organization. We also print several images in their print journal as a part of the conference report.

The photography is getting to the point where we are often asked by artists to share high-res photos for their use and we have always complied and never charged for it.

I have several ideas on how we can commercialize these efforts and would like to get responses from the pros on here about how to price and whether it would be worth it to start charging for our work. I also am curious about permissions and rights. Let me start with that question.

It is my understanding that you can sell an image taken at a public event without the permission of the subject. I\'m not a lawyer and I don\'t know if this is the case or not. It would be prohibitive to get a release from every single performer to sell their image taken from a live concert they are giving in public. Does anyone have a definitive answer on this? We only put videos or audio of concerts online after getting permission from the performer and the composers, which is a huge hassle so we don\'t do much of this. However, I think photos are treated differently than music audio, but again, I\'m not sure.

If this is possible, what I would want to sell is a CD or DVD of all the images from the entire event. These would be \"medium res\" images similar to those we publish for free on our web site. The difference would be there would be a lot more of them. How would you price this?

Then, we would like to sell prints and/or high res digital images of individual photos through Smugmug or Zenfolio or some similar service. Again, how would you price this?

Finally, I would like to setup a studio at the conference and take sitting appointments for portraits. This would be a convenient place for conference attendees and artists to have a portrait done. How would you price this particularly the first time doing it.

Thank you for your feedback. I\'m going to post this on the cafe as well.


Sep 03, 2012 at 05:04 PM

  Previous versions of blutch's message #10931310 « Help With Pricing Ideas on Event Photography of Conferences. »