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Re: After Market Batteries

Yes, in making the batteries. Most of the cells come out of the same factories with 3 or 4 suppliers being the primary guys. Sanyo and Samsung lead the pack. After that, while there are a number of players they are all tiny. You probably have a 90% chance of getting it from one of the big guys. http://www.bloomberg.com/video/must-watch-crane-operator-drops-luxury-yacht-LPlELtM7RWqXFd_6FjOA3Q.html

What a decent volume player does is do to the battery mfg and spec out the pack including the protection circuitry. Then they get the pack delivered to them, they mold it into their plastic and that\'s about it. I\'ve been in some of those factories and I\'ve been in the engineering meetings to design the packs.

It\'s just not a big deal. Any of the mfgs can have a bad lot of parts. If the chemistry gets screwed up, the whole batch will be screwed up. It doesn\'t happen often, but it does happen. It\'s also a bit tricky to test them since the way they are made is half charge them, then run them through an aging tower (takes about 3 days to make the round trip), they are evaluated and then shipped. Long term reliability and charge capacity are more functions of measuring process monitors and that can get a little tricky.

The other alternative is to use the cells from the manufacturers as above but to go to a pack mfg. They make the plastic and the charging/protection circuit (simple stuff). But the capacity of the cells will be the same because they all come from the same source.

Like I\'ve said, I\'ve had issues with Canon batteries too. Canon has no righteous lock on quality or magic in their battery packs. My bet is that they do just like Sterlingtek probably does and use the process I described with one of the big guys. Canon (at least they didn\'t a few years ago) doesn\'t have a battery factory to make their own special cells - they\'d be nuts to do that when there are huge guys who would kill them on a cost basis (i.e. Sanyo and Samsung). The reason they are such expensive packs is because Canon probably has to pay the same cost as Sterlingtek and then mark them up to make the margins that they need. They also probably really don\'t want to be in the replacement battery business - unless it\'s at those unreasonably high prices. There are people who will buy their batteries just because it says \"Canon\" on the cardboard box.


Sep 01, 2012 at 11:54 PM

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