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Croatia with M9 and RX100

Thanks Luka!

And finally here are my comments about the RX100:

+ small size
+ very fast (in nearly every aspect: AF, startup, shutter time lag, ...)
+ very good DR (for JPEGs, at the moment I can\'t say anything about DR of the RAWs)
+ very good colors
+ good WB
+ complete silent shooting possible (good for wedding, theater, concert etc.)
+ good flash (for a P&S)
+ very good center sharpness even wide open at f/1.8
+ good edge sharpness at 28mm setting
+ low high ISO noise (compared to other P&S and the M9)
+ very good battery life (400-500 images per charge)

- haptics / mechanical construction good, but not great (Panasonic LX and Olympus 795SW have a slightly better feeling)
- noise at low ISO (125) quite high (compared to Canon 5D or M9) but probably not visible in prints
- pixel sharpness (at 100%) is clearly not as good as with cameras without AA-filter like M9 or Sigma DP series (but this was expected)
- large time lag, when using the custom function ring at the lens (I\'ve assigned the exposure compensation function, but the time lag is probably independent of the function)
- sharpness at longer focal length not as good as on 28mm
- above 50mm really bad edge sharpness on the right side => lens is clearly decentered

Here are some 100% crops (based on above images #17/#18):

M9, center crop:

RX100, center crop:

M9, left edge:

RX100, left edge:

M9, right edge:

RX100, right edge:

I\'ve sent my RX100 to Sony to check/correct the decentering of the lens. If the edge sharpness is not significantly improved afterwards I will return/sell the RX100.

In addition I will probably also test the Sigma DP1M, when available, and then decide which of these two cameras I prefer. I could live with the 28mm fixed focal length and really bad high ISO performance of the DP1M, but I really like the fast AF and short time lag of the RX100, escpecially for family snapshots and street photography. Therefore I\'m not sure which way to go.


Aug 26, 2012 at 08:27 AM

  Previous versions of Bobu's message #10910935 « Croatia with M9 and RX100 »