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Smiert Spionam
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Re: Movie Film look

bushwacker wrote:
here\'s one of my favorites... background is blurry but recognizable.

As others have suggested, the basic lens/aperture combination to reproduce this kind of depth of field is pretty simple. Without agonizing over it, I wouldn\'t be surprised to learn it\'s a normal-ish to slightly tele focal length, down a stop or so, at a camera-subject distance of 5-8 feet. There\'s much more to the shot, of course (not least the heavy digital processing that makes all of 300 look like a video game). Lighting is crucial to the subject separation, too. It can be very instructive to try and reconstruct in your mind how a scene is shot. Here, the most obvious light sources (with the camera at 6:00 on a clock face) are probably a moderately diffused key above eye level at around 4:00, and a more direct skim/backlight coming in from around 2:00). Plenty of other sources, too, but those are the most immediately identifiable ones. In this shot, the light does as much to separate the subject from the background as the limited depth of field does. Lena Headey\'s cheekbones help, too.

Aug 26, 2012 at 04:23 AM

  Previous versions of Smiert Spionam's message #10910714 « Movie Film look »