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Re: How noisy is your 7D?

dwweiche wrote:
Honestly, I'm shocked at the lack of noise visible in the OoF regions of your image at the link to the full size original. You say straight from ACR, but there must be NR applied, right? Is it using the in-camera NR settings, and if so, what are they set at?

I used the following parameters in ACR:

Sharpening = 0

Luminance NR = 25
Luminance Detail = 80
Luminance Contrast = 0
Color NR = 25
Color Detail = 50

These are the ball park settings I use in ACR when I process 7D ISO 3200 shots for web display. In PS, again for web display, I might apply NR and sharpening selectively. Many web viewers expect the OOF areas to be virtually noise free and the details to be sharp, and this is quite easy to achieve.

I process differently for prints. I actually prefer some grain so the printed images won't look unnatural or plasticky. In this case, I apply some sharpening in ACR and do most of my PS adjustments globally (as opposed to selective NR/sharpening for web display). For me, it's so much less laborious to process files for printing.

Aug 26, 2012 at 02:49 AM

  Previous versions of Liquidstone's message #10910530 « How noisy is your 7D? »