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Dennis M 1064
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Re: Canon 1D mark 4 RAW highlights issue..

I was under the assumption that you would have to recover the highlights during conversion. Once you are in post, you only have what you have. If you still have the original RAW file, I believe you can duplicate it and correct a copy for the highlights, and do one for shadows. You then send them to post and blend them together, gathering your highlight detail, and shadow detail as necessary.

As far as exposing the image in camera, I would meter the brightest thing I cared about and get that on the right edge of the histogram. The lights may change cooler, but it also looks like you had some white light somewhere in every image. It is a huge dynamic range, and a dynamic environment. Something has to give. You cannot shoot HDR, or even bracket and blend, as everything changes so fast. So, you have to consider what looks worse, lost shadow detail, or blown highlights. Artistically, you can go either way. Editorially, maybe not so much. You can however, find the the \'range\' of highlight lighting, since they change a bit, and maybe bracket each shot a couple stops, and then use the frames that give you the most image data at that point in time.

The highlights ion his skin are likely to show up somewhere, as he moves around. You would need to care about those, in my opinion, and make sure you get that data. I would meter that under a few different lighting conditions that they are using, and expose for that, and bracketing. But, that is what me as a relatively inexperienced digital shooter would do. That is how I would do it on color film. The opposite of what I would have done for black and white film.

Are all of these photos RAW? I was assuming that the bottom was JPEG. JPEGS are compressed files and about 1/3 of the image information has been thrown out. If you have the detail in the JPEG, you certainly have it in the RAW, and more! It sounds like a processing error, not a camera error. You can download Guy Tals Book, I think it would be a really big help, not only in processing, but in understanding the RAW image file and what your camera is trying to do to help you capture the image.

The real photographers must still be in bed. They\'ll kick in here pretty shortly.

Aug 12, 2012 at 04:01 PM

  Previous versions of Dennis M 1064's message #10876603 « Canon 1D mark 4 RAW highlights issue.. »