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Zone AF vs. one select point AF

StillFingerz wrote:

Once you figure out the zone choices that work best given cluttered vs non-cluttered backgrounds, can you use the C functions to preset AF, along with all the other settings (WB, Exposure Comp, fill flash, etc.)?

Single point AF is all I use right now, I\'m reading about the AF of the 7D, 5D3 just to get ready...any references you or others might point me to would be much appreciated. I can catch a surfer on occasion, even a rare BIF and if zone will help me I may start with the 7D or it\'s upgrade, as the 5D3 is a ways off budget wise. Don\'t mean to hijack the thread...


Jerry, perhaps someone else can chime in with that C function because I\'ve never used it.
I think zone AF can work well if the background doesn\'t compete against your target for AF\'s \"attention\".
That means the background is either \"smooth\", or it is very distant.
Also, for close target zone AF, gotta have plenty of DoF because you have no control on the parts of the target that the camera will focus on. In theory it should AF on the closest contrast, but in practice it is pretty scattered.

Also, see those two illustrations below. They are full frames taken with 1DX + 400 f/5.6 this evening.

Aug 02, 2012 at 01:17 AM

  Previous versions of PetKal's message #10850613 « Zone AF vs. one select point AF »