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Abandoned schools (x5)

Thanks for the feedback, everyone.

Paul, while plenty of buildings in the city have been closed for a decade or more, this school has only been closed for a round 15 months. Here\'s a news story on the fire: http://detroit.cbslocal.com/2011/05/10/breaking-news-fire-at-detroits-paul-robeson-academy/. The shocking part is, after leaving due to the fire, they never came back. An indicator of the sort of financial straits (and broader management issues) the city has been up against. Without the money or manpower to repair/rebuild, the building quickly falls into disrepair, and then into anonymous decay.

Bob, I estimate that I\'m a little younger than you, but I couldn\'t agree more. It\'s offensive that so many books were left behind, and even more egregious that many of the books were unused textbooks. People come through and strip out valuable metals (e.g., copper) in no time, but leave the books behind...


(1) I will certainly post more of the piano. I took a few closer pictures as well, but I have yet to post-process them.

(2) I suppose \'vandal\' is a relative term around this city. Many of the buildings I\'ve entered have debris and graffiti in them, and any building that\'s been closed for an appreciable amount of time probably has been stripped of brass and copper. Arson is also a common problem. A lot of buildings have been abandoned long enough that finding who the owner is would be no easy feat. My rule is no breaking and entering. If a building is fenced off and secure, I won\'t go in. The half dozen or so buildings I\'ve been in are all unsecured and wide open. There are myriad safety concerns to keep in mind too, though. I\'ve seen some photos from really incredible buildings in your neck of the woods. If you happen to take some pictures, please do share them.

(3) In the interim, before I get to those piano pictures, here\'s another musical instrument from the same school:

Grinnell Bros by josh.weiss, on Flickr

Jul 11, 2012 at 01:34 PM

  Previous versions of weissj's message #10795462 « Abandoned schools (x5) »