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Re: Pricing - Two Different Approaches

i will not try to convince you about that you are not right or even drag you into 21st century j.walker but there is more into digital files then ordering nice prints right away.

here is reasoning customers of one wedding fair why to have DVD. This was done for wedding mode shop as part of questionnaire to win a dress, so take it with a grain of salt, but anyway.

1) printing prices are unrealistic, want to print it cheaper elsewhere.

Problem: we have to admit that many togs don\'t put value to the prints just big margin and print it online somewhere anyway. customers then do not see the added value against regular color managed lab because it \"looks same\".
Solution: Add value, customers will come even with DVD.

2) they don\'t know what to order now, want to see pics first then decide
Solution: give them credit for prints

3) they lost shots of their dog which were archived by photographer xxx some xx years ago, or have them where they lived xxx miles away or even different country. Would be bad to have it happen to wedding photos.
Solution: There is no other solution then DVD, if they do not trust you being around 20 years from now when they move to new flat and will want bigger print for their wall.

4) want to have high res for their TV, making cards and presents, slideshow, digital archive, family digital chronicle,...
Solution: DVD

In our market only budget brides don\'t want DVD. Regardless how they like us, they value our work more and want to have it forever for them in never degrading quality.
Exactly for the reason that it means for them a lot: not just let it rot in an album, but play with them and enjoy them all ways possible even many years after.

Jul 10, 2012 at 01:13 PM

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