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Re: Can someone explain Steve McCurry's Shooting Technique

Below is a link and a paragraph from an online article, not much detail, but an explanation of sorts; at least a cause for his right hand issues.

On a personal note, I\'ve watched a few videos of him shooting and I would guess he had some significant nerve damage to his right arm/hand/fingers; partial paralysis, just enough grip to hold the hand grip but not flex his fingers, or move his index finger enough to fire the shutter. I noticed his right wrist/hand/fingers look somewhat like mine, some atrophy, muscle loss...your fingers/tendons get stiff and tight when there\'s little or no movement in them.

Three decades back I broke my neck, I have a C5 level spinal cord injury and am paralyzed from the shoulders down with near full paralysis of my wrists/hands, total for my fingers; everything below my chest. When watching Steve in video he uses his fingers much like I do, often wedging bars/handles and such in between them to hold an item. Steve may have some grip but I don\'t see much, just enough to steady/hold the camera; it\'s held against his body for leverage when not shooting.

I use a wired remote switch placed between my teeth, my fingers are paralyzed but my tongue isn\'t! We adjust, adapt, some use glasses, diopter adjustments...I don\'t look too elegant with a wire hanging out my mouth but I can still shoot...even with still fingers

Here\'s the link and paragraph...never surrender, just shoot it! Seeya round the forum...Jerry

Taking pictures with Steve
Text: Antti Kirves

\"He swings the heavy camera nimbly to his eye. The style is original; he broke his right arm as a child and it has not worked properly since. Thatís why his own camera has a handle fixed to the tripod mount and he relies on automatic focusing.\"

Jul 04, 2012 at 06:06 AM

  Previous versions of StillFingerz's message #10776160 « Can someone explain Steve McCurry's Shooting Technique »