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Re: Canon 200-400 hands on

PetKal wrote:
Stuart Harling (aka Bones74) had a chance to handle a prototype (?) a year ago ( see this thread from last August). In there he said that the zoom felt heavier than 400 f/2.8 IS MkII.
If the 200-400L weight is not reduced for the production units, then that will IMO become a significant drawback of that lens model. Zoom or not, why get a 400 f/4 lens which weighs as much, and is probably priced as highly, as the 400 f/2.8 IS MkII prime ? A built in 1.4xTC is a neat \"novelty\", but I can very quickly mount 1.4xTC or 2xTC on 400 f/2.8 IS MkII and thereby obtain a couple of very nicely performing options, i.e., 560mm f/4 and 800mm f/5.6 combos.

Hi Peter, I did.. but I might have been tired from handholding the 400 ii on my 1Dmk4 The 200-400 definitely did feel heavier, but it could also have been the weight distribution. The prime felt more balanced and easier told (on the 1D body), but the zoom felt like there was more weight on the end (it\'s longer isn\'t it?). Zooming hand held felt very awkward as well. I remember thinking at the time that handholding and using this lens effectively was going to be difficult. I\'d definitely buy one if I had the money and it was readily available, but it would spend most of its time on my monopod.

Jul 02, 2012 at 07:44 AM

  Previous versions of Bones74's message #10770305 « Canon 200-400 hands on »