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Travis Rhoads
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Re: #506 Overtaking

BertoBuckeye wrote:
Do you have a technique you are willing to share? I hear some folks using a washer with a fishing line. You step on the washer and attach the fishing line to the bottom of the camera at you standing height.

So then you pan with tension on the string to help stabilize.

Practice, knowing where the cars will be going, what they are going to do and practice practice practice. I don\'t use a monopod, everyone says you need to, I can\'t do it, my keeper rate went in the can...I don\'t use the method that you described, but I have heard it...I don\'t\' want to rely on tricks, I want my fundamentals to be strong...you can\'t do that trick standing on a 12 foot ladder...and I do sometimes stand on a 12 foot ladder...was on an 8 footer this weekend...in the trees!

If you really want to learn panning, there is a great read by a guy who many, me included, is considered one of the best motorsports shooters around, John Thawley. The article on his blog-->The Pan Shot by John Thawley I read that one about 4 times when he first posted it, and my panning shots got better the next time out.

Jun 19, 2012 at 01:32 AM

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