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Re: Anyone else ready for a real 7D replacement?

Sometimes, I think that there can be value in putting things in perspective. I am amazed when I look at how much DSLR technology has advanced in about a decade.

My first DSLR was a 10D in 2003. That was the camera for which I decided that the technology and price point were at levels that made moving into a digital SLR practical and worthwhile. With that camera, I was able, usually, to get a static subject in focus. With some luck, I got moving subjects in focus. I could shoot at an amazing 3 frames per second and buffer 8 or 9 shots. If I hit the buffer limit, I could go to get a cup of coffee while waiting for the buffer to clear. And I could shoot at an astounding ISO 800 level (if I was willing to tolerate lots of noise in exchange for getting the shot).

Over the course of nearly a decade, I continued to chase the advancing technology and owned a 1D Mark II, a 1D Mark III, a 1D Mark IV, every x0D camera from the 10D to the 50D, and a 7D. As I moved from one body to another, I eventually realized that the technology was advancing at a rate many times faster than were my skill and ability. Further, I realized that, as much as I enjoyed using the improvements in each generation of camera bodies, the improvements in the quality of my images were only very marginal with each camera upgrade.

Now, for the first time, I have no interest whatever in upgrading the two camera bodies that I am currently using (a 1D Mark IV and a 7D). Not only is each of them amazing, in terms of its capabilities, in its own right, but the strengths of each complement those of the other quite well for my uses. I have all the pixels that I want. I have AF systems in both bodies for which I can say that, when I get an out-of-focus image, it is my fault and not that of the camera. I can shoot at ISOs beyond levels that I am likely to need, and I have feature sets that I never would have imagined, ten years ago, would have existed.

While I\'m sure that the 1DX and a potential 7D Mark II will have improvements over my 1D Mark IV and 7D, I\'m also confident that those improvements would have a very negligible effect on the quality of my photography, and I am happy to know that I am comfortable with taking a break from continuing to chase the technology.


May 03, 2012 at 02:15 PM

  Previous versions of uz2work's message #10601604 « Anyone else ready for a real 7D replacement? »