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Re: 5D mark III Recall??

apdieb wrote:
I hope there is a recall. I am about sick and tired of getting ERR 80 on mine and having to pull the battery to reset camera. Of course, I think I\'ll be sending mine back to B&H. I refuse to accept a defective body straight from the manufacturer.. Been there, done that with my 1D3... Never again.

Your problem, bad as it may sound, seems to be isolated issues. I got the hunch it has to do with the 200mm issues that cannot be fixed with just a firmware update. Every single owner of that lens reports a problem with the loud noise and weird IS feature. It is not good for the owner of that lens at this point but it doesn\'t look like a lot of people did get affected since that lens is not widely used. Of course, it would be a good strategy to fix the problem first and do the recall on bodies that have been sold already.

BTW, I remember you from the 1D Mark III days, Andrew. I am sorry to hear that you are getting another glitchy body, even now . Don\'t go to Vegas, OK .

Apr 12, 2012 at 07:48 PM

  Previous versions of AGeoJO's message #10536806 « 5D mark III "Stock Delayed" »