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Charlie Shugart
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Peru- #8 More Sacred Valley

Roadside families near Cuzco.
Several women, their children and the family llamas.
The women spun wool, hand-knit various items to sell to the tourists in the occasional cars or vans that were sightseeing along the dirt road.
I had joined a day-long Sacred Valley of the Inca van tour that had about seven fellow travelers in it. Curious and humorous thing that happened on our way back to Cuzco: Our van was a new VW (very impressive compared to other vehicles in Cuzco at the time I was there). Our Peruvian driver/guide was proud to drive such a nice vehicle. Plus, he narrated in English (sorta), and that also gave him status among his peers. Trouble was, the guy didn't know how to drive. Seriously. On our way back, we were on a narrow dirt road on the side of a mountain. It was dark. He had the headlights on (the only source of illumination within miles). It was raining. As we got close to the occasional other vehicle approaching us, both drivers turned their headlights off. OFF! Black as pitch, and they turned their lights off?
Back at the Main Plaza, I gave our driver a generous trip. Not because he was a good driver, and not because he was a particularly good narrator. I gave him a tip because he got me back alive. That was worth something to me.

Mar 31, 2012 at 04:57 PM

  Previous versions of Charlie Shugart's message #10496198 « Peru- #8 More Sacred Valley »