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Re: Tried the 5Dmk3 and 200-400 at Focus (FOI)

Bones74 wrote:
The Canon rep claimed a two stop advantage over the 5Dmk2 for RAW, not jpg, and I'm inclined to believe it based on what I saw (proper tests of a production body may confirm or not).

I don't quite believe that since they would need an insane efficiency level. But if it manages 1 true stop better in RAW that would be nice. Maybe it does.
It is a bit odd that at first Canon said that a good chunk of it was from jpg processing and then they said some of it was and now they say nearly none of it is.

He also claimed that the 1Dx would have negligible ISO advantage over the 5Dmk3. ie almost identical.

I actually find this believable. Some Canon reps have started claiming 1DX is 1 stop better but I wonder if that is not to make 1DX owners feel better and to lessen pre-orders swaps for 5D3.

Although one guy who tried the 1DX,D800,5D3,5D2,D3s claimed the 5D2 and 5D3 were about the same and the 1DX,D8000,D3s were better.

As a complete overall package, IMhO, this body is in a different league to the 5Dmk2, but I still dont think Canon can justify the launch price. The reps confirmed what others have said, that the 5Dmk3 does not replace the 5Dmk2 (for now I suppose), but will be sold along side it. Anyway, thats my 2p , sorry for another 5Dmk3 thread.

Mar 05, 2012 at 10:12 PM

  Previous versions of skibum5's message #10410036 « Tried the 5Dmk3 and 200-400 at Focus (FOI) »