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Re: 24L or 50L?

BrianMendoza wrote:
mttran wrote:
50L is super on video application:


Yeah! I love the 50L on my 5dmkII, it's been really good to me. The first 50L I owned a while ago wasn't as sharp as the one I'm using now. If that one was the one I owned still I probably wouldn't be as hesitant to trade.

Those videos make me really want to keep my 50L...

24LII is a great lens but 50L has its own signature like no other L lens. Took me monthsss to learn how to use the 50L to it's full potential


Feb 03, 2012 at 06:51 AM

  Previous versions of mttran's message #10305741 « 24L or 50L? »