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Re: Produce "Stock" - Would like C&C Please

No reply overnight and you knock knock? Sometimes posts go days with no reply.

I've never been interested in stock photography and can't really address the images from that perspective. In terms of general criticism, they aren't particularly visually interesting. Over-lighting limits the visual interest. Whether it would assist it's appeal for stock images, I can't say.

Peppers: Odd three part composition Two outer zones of white negative space. Narrow space on top and bottom of the subject. ALthough I'm not interested in stock photography, I suspect such odd compo and narrow top and bottom space would limit the usefulness of the image for stock.

Onions: Separation of subject from background (positive from negative space) is poorly defined in some areas. If someone wanted a stock image to select "onions", conventional selection tools would flounder making the selections in those zones. Again, central placement of the subjects gives it an uninteresting static look.

Brocolli: Same compo problems as the first. Could also benefit from sharpening.

All three would probably benefit from some mid-tone contrast bumps.

Jan 18, 2012 at 08:40 PM

  Previous versions of AuntiPode's message #10259406 « Produce "Stock" - Would like C&C Please »