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BrianO wrote:
That\'s one of the disadvantages of CF cards versus SD cards. The CF card has 50 tiny little holes that have to drop over 50 tiny little pins in the camera, and it doesn\'t take much of a misalignment while inserting the card to bend or break one or more of those pins.

The SD design, with external contacts that slide into, rather than drop around, the camera contacts is a safer design.

Conventional wisdom would seem to indicate that but my personal experience tells me that in almost 10 years of CF card use, the only pin I ver bent was in a very cheap card reader with poor tolerances. I probably have had many tens of thousands of insert/remove cycles of CF cards in my camera bodies without issue (knock on wood). However, I\'ve seen several SD cards that have split/chipped with much, much lighter use!


Dec 29, 2011 at 08:54 PM

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