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Re: arguing over a simple snapshot

It\'s a nice candid shot, but technique-wise it doesn\'t flatter her much in your original rendering of it. I find RustyBug\'s far more flattering because it\'s a better match to what would be seen by eye (i.e., normal rendering).

The two basic ingredients for any flattering portrait are: 1) the face posed to the light in a way the lights the eyes, mouth and front of the face naturally, and; 2) selection of a camera angle which complements the lighting pattern to make the face look balanced and symmetrical. This shot has the first, but the camera/facial angle would have been more flattering had you taken it a few inches further right, revealing more of the far side of the face.

With regard to composition in frame, if there is a hand and arm in the shot its better to crop to include the elbow than to chop it off with the bottom of the frame. H&S portraits this tight always wind up cropped awkwardly at the bottom of the frame so unless there is a compelling reason to include a lot of background context in the portrait I find it better overall to crop portraits vertically. If you do opt to crop horizontally move back and crop the body at the waist where it narrows, showing the elbow of a raised hand. If the arms are hanging down crop wide enough to include the hands.

So yes it its a nice candid capture of a pensive young girl, but there it could have been captured and processed more effectively.

Dec 29, 2011 at 01:15 AM

  Previous versions of cgardner's message #10199836 « arguing over a simple snapshot »